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                  Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


                  We are committed to provide students with opportunities to develop lifelong learning skills in hospitality, tourism, and wellness and to become socially responsible citizens.


                  Learn about entrepreneurship in hospitality. Identify and grab opportunities in hospitality career.


                  Learn about entrepreneurship in tourism. Identify and grab opportunities in tourism career.


                  Learn about entrepreneurship in wellness. Identify and grab opportunities in entrepreneurship wellness career.

                  Fully Qualified

                  All of our programs have been accredited by MQA. Approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia

                  Easy Access

                  Our campus is located in Pengkalan Chepa near the airport, hypermarket, shops, laundry, McDonald and more.

                  Learning Facilities

                  We provide a good learning facilities for hospitality, tourism and wellness.


                  How to enroll into our

                  Fill the Form

                  Please refer to this page how to apply into our program. Click Here

                  Get in Touch

                  Our Administration will contact you when your applications being approved. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Click here


                  Come and Register to our faculty. You can refer our offer letter for more information

                  OUR COURSES

                  List of our HOT courses

                  LATEST NEWS

                  Get our faculty latest news


                  Subscribe and get latest news regarding our faculty

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